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Anti-cyberbullying projects


Take a Stand

A community that shares content to advocate for an anti-cyberbullying ethos in higher education. This page is monitored by Prevent Cyberbullying.


The YeS Project

A youth-focused initiative designed to inspire, ignite and enable positive change within digital spaces.


Stop the Hate (Facebook)

While also providing social justice tools for combating bias and hate crimes in all its forms, Stop the Hate seeks to foster a community that supports anti-hate.


The Line

A community for young people who ask tough questions about sexting and technology. The Line Facebook page is monitored by Our Watch.


The Bully Project

The Bully project is home to various film projects and information that invites a global audience to stand against bullying. 


Diversity Council Australia

An independent not-for-profit peak body leading diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


The Gender Centre

A service supporting the transgender, gender diverse and gender questioning community of New South Wales.




Support services
Support services
News and upcoming events

Add Your Events

At Prevent Cyberbullying in Higher Education, we are always on the lookout for ways to connect and get informed about cyberbullying. If you know of any news or events, we welcome you to send in a submission so we can promote it here.

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Useful websites


The Office of the eSafety Commissioner

This website is dedicated to helping Australians have safe and positive online experiences. 


Cyberbullying Research Centre

An excellent centre for up-to-date information about online bullying. This site also houses information about US cyberbullying laws.


AC Online: Cyberbullying Awareness

Affordable Colleges (AC) Online provides a comprehensive list of information about cyberbullying in university and how to get help. 


Bullying Free NZ: Cyberbullying

On this New Zealand (NZ) website, you can read a description of cyberbullying, how the NZ law views online bullying, and ways to stay online. Cyberbullying

This US government website outlines the tactics of cyberbullies and ways that parents and teachers can prevent cyberbullying. 


Anti-Bullying Centre

The National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre (ABC) leads in research, resource development and training in bullying in Ireland.



Reach Out: Cyberbullying

Reach Out provides access to forums, action plans and various resources for young people who have experienced cyberbullying. 


Heads Up: Bullying information for employers

This Australian website provides information for employers and workers on how to manage the risks of workplace bullying.



The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) helps people to recognise and report cybercrime.


Student Conflict Support Website: Managing conflict online

Although developed for students from a regional university in Australia, this webpage provides self-help resources to help any students in higher education manage their own conflict.

This free online resource provides an educational guide on bullying and substance abuse.

Stop It At The Start Campaign

This campaign offers resources to identify harmful behaviours and start a conversation to address these.  Although it is designed to help children, it is also useful to help be conscious of the behaviour of you and your peers.   

Bully Zero

Bully Zero aims to prevent cyberbullying and bullying in schools, workplaces and online around Australia by providing important information and programs.  

Guide to Cyberbullying Laws

This American webpage provides further understanding about cyberbullying and the law.

Useful websites

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