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This page is dedicated to the people who feel a change is needed to improve the online community in higher education.  By creating a positive space for us to share our stories, we are raising awareness for what has become an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. 


Take A Stand seeks to raise awareness for cyberbullying in higher education while supporting people who may have experienced this by providing regular updates and resources to assist in the prevention and safe reporting of cyberbullying. 


Everybody is able to share their stories in any medium (painting, poetry, blog post, etc) on our blog to help keep our online community thriving. 




You're not alone


Many current resources on bullying and cyberbullying have overlooked occurrences of these in higher education.  However, cyberbullying can occur within a higher education setting, to students AND staff. 


If you’ve experienced this it is important to know that you are not alone.  Take A Stand provides a support network for you and others who have shared similar experiences. 




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