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Your digital reputation

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Digital users must be stewards of their online identity. Here are some tips on how you can maintain a positive digital footprint

  1. Refrain from commenting on posts, images or videos that will hurt others

  2. Review photos you have been tagged in. You can remove tags or ask the owner to take the photo down.

  3. Do not upload or post when you are angry, frustrated or upset. Pause before posting

  4. Know the digital reputation of who you are communicating with online

  5. Assess your digital reputation by conducting a google search with your name

  6. Avoid inappropriate language and ill-advised comments

  7. Recognise when you may have hurt another user and apologise

  8. Take swift action if untrue or negative information is posted about you. You can approach the host to ask for help or access professional services to help clean your digital reputation for you

  9. Delete abandoned social media accounts

  10. Separate your personal and professional online profiles by using different email addresses and names (take care, cross-referencing will help viewers associate your two reputations).

  11. Be careful when using hashtags (#). Depending on your privacy settings, hashtags are searchable on the internet.

  12. Build a better image of yourself

  13. Join a professional network like LinkedIn and put together a robust profile

  14. Comment on blogs and participate in online forums where you have expertise

  15. Start a blog or register a site in your own name. Write regularly on a subject about which you are knowledgeable. Invite visitors to make comments

From an ethical standpoint, anonymity does not grant us a license to misbehave and disregard key ethical principles.

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