How much do you know about cyberbullying in higher education? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz about cyberbullying and eSafety (cybersafety).

What is this website about?


This site helps to teach higher education students and staff about preventing cyberbullying and being safe in the online world. On this site, you will find tools, news and events to help you identify, respond to and prevent cyberbullying. This site is also home to the Take A Stand project: an inclusive space for the online community to create an anti-cyberbullying ethos in universities and vocational education institutions around the world.


Get help

Despite our best intentions, our digital lives may put us in harm’s way. This can happen in all online environments, including those within higher education. But what should we do when we are being harassed, stalked or treated unfairly by students or staff online? Policy and procedures are different for higher education institutions worldwide, but you can find some simple tools and contacts to help you on this site. You can also read how other students and staff have responded via the Take A Stand blog.


Building an anti-bullying ethos


Breaking the cycle of bullying is everyone's business. We can do this by first having a clear understanding of what cyberbullying is and how to stand up for those who are being cyberbullied. We can also learn how to stay safe online and establish behaviours that protect us from common online threats. This site provides ways to learn how to be more accountable for our actions and focus on leaving a positive digital footprint that benefits our reputation while also empowering other users. 


What are your online rights?

Everyone has a right to be safe, respected and related to with kindness. Prevent Cyberbullying's research-informed Online Rights & Responsibilities charter is a go-to for learning what is expected of your online behaviour in higher education. When people agree on their rights and responsibilities, they are much more likely to abide by the behaviours aligned by these rights. Check out the key online values below and read this evidence-based Online Rights & Responsibilities charter by clicking on the link below.


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